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Mira: the new monitor on the block

Updated: Apr 17

There are several new ways to monitor your fertility using technology to observe hormonal changes. Many of these options use your phone’s camera, while others, like Mira, are standalone monitors. In this blog, I go into the reasons why I think Mira is superior to the other options on the market…even Clear Blue! If you want the quick version, there is a comparison table of Mira vs Clear Blue at the end of this blog post.


Better technology

The Mira monitor uses laboratory grade immunofluorescence technology to read the testing sticks. This method of testing is highly accurate. In fact, when testing the efficacy of the Mira monitor, results were compared to laboratory results and there was a high correlation between the two results. What does this mean for users of Mira? You can have high confidence in the efficacy of testing using this monitor. It’s like having a mini laboratory in the palm of your hand!


User friendly

Mira is incredibly user friendly. There are much less testing constraints when using Mira compared to the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. When using Clear Blue, a new cycle must be started in the monitor by Cycle Day 4 because you can only select a new cycle beginning today, yesterday, two days ago or three days ago. That’s it. If you forget to start a new cycle, your testing will be off. Mira also allows you to test any day of your cycle. This is incredibly beneficial to anyone with abnormal cycles: long cycles, short cycles, postpartum/breastfeeding, perimenopause, PCOS. Another benefit is that the Mira monitor allows for testing multiple times in one day. If you have a hard time catching your Peak day, you can do a second test after 6pm using the Mira monitor, maintaining the efficacy of testing throughout your cycle. That’s right, using the Mira monitor means you don’t have to buy LH only testing strips! You can just use the monitor! There are also less cycle constraints using Mira. When using Clear Blue, cycle lengths must be between 21 and 42 days. Mira allows you to have a cycle as long as 150 days. This is especially helpful when you have PCOS or are breastfeeding.


No more paper charting

That’s right! Mira automatically uploads your testing results into an online charting dashboard. This is incredibly helpful as an NFP instructor! As a Mira user and my client, you can grant me permission to view your charts online. Follow ups are a breeze using the Mira dashboard! All your hormonal data is easily accessible and easy to read. The dashboard is also helpful in that it can notify me, as your instructor, when certain points in your cycle are achieved. It would no longer be necessary to remember to reach out to me when you get your first High or Peak when in postpartum/breastfeeding transition! You also have the option to invite your spouse to your chart data. He can download the Mira app, set up his own log in and then access your hormone testing results. It’s never been easier to be on the same page!


More testing options

Mira not only tests for E3G/estradiol (aka estrogen) and LH, but it also can test for Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and PdG (progesterone). With these additional optional testing metrics, you can have greater insights into your hormonal health. This is also helpful when determining lifestyle changes and when to refer to a physician for additional hormone support. Mira also offers a Bluetooth connected basal body temperature. It automatically syncs with your online Mira dashboard when you take your basal body temp first thing in the morning.


You might be thinking, this sounds amazing! What are the drawbacks? As with any urinary hormone metabolite testing, results can be impacted by hydration status and alcohol consumption. Mira is also more expensive than other monitors on the market today. Fortunately, as one of my clients, I can give you a special discount code to receive 20% off on your monitor kit and 30% off on your testing wand subscription. What are you waiting for? Give Mira and In Caritate a try today to achieve your fertility goals!

*Disclaimer: I do NOT receive any affiliate kickbacks if you purchase a Mira monitor. There are some advertising/marketing campaigns put out by Mira which are counter to my personal beliefs and ethics, as well as those of the Catholic Church, the USCCB Standards for NFP Ministry, and the Marquette Method Professional Association (MMPA). The MMPA, of which I am an active member in good standing, has consulted with the National Catholic Bioethics Center, a theologian consultant for USCCB, and a priest/canon lawyer, who have designated recommending Mira monitors for the good purpose of NFP and fertility monitoring to be "remote mediate material cooperation." This does not make me or my business complicit in the ethical issues presented by the Mira company.


Clear Blue Fertility Monitor



Monitor- $115-120

Sticks- $40-60 for 30 sticks

Monitor- $199 for Basic bundle, which includes 10 testing wands

Wands- $58.49 for 20 Basic Wands (same hormones as CBFM), $80.10 for 20 Max wands that also test Pdg, $45 for 10 FSH wands, $61.19 for 20 Pdg only wands


All monitor kits get a 20% off and Wands get 30% off with my discount code

Hormones tested

E3G (estradiol) and LH only

Basic wands: E3G and LH

Max wands: E3G, LH and Pdg

Ovum wands: FSH

Confirm Wands: Pdg only



Immunofluorescence assay; on par with laboratory serum testing for hormones, i.e. VERY accurate


·        Can only select the start of menstruation on 4 days (today, yesterday, two days ago and 3 days ago; so you must remember to start your cycle on the monitor by Cycle Day 3)

·        Can ONLY test beginning on Cycle Day 6 (or as late as day 9 if cycles are longer). Can only test when the monitor asks for a test

·        Monitor asks for tests in batches of 10 no matter what the readings

·        Can only do 20 tests per cycle

·        Can only test once per day; must use LH only testing strips (separate test) later in the day for additional LH testing

·        Can test starting on whatever day of your cycle. You can start a new cycle on any day, not just on today and the last three days

·        Basically, no constraints whatsoever on testing

·        Can test multiple times per day

·        Can test as many times as needed per cycle

·        Can test for a variety of hormones, depending on what information you want to know

Visibility of testing results

Only on the monitor

On monitor, on app and online on patient dashboard

Ease of testing



Cycle variability

Cycles must be 21-42 days in length

Cycles can be up to 150 days long


Low, High or Peak readings

Follow Marquette guidance for determining fertility window

Quantified hormone reading. You actually get a result for what your hormone levels are. Follow Marquette guidance for determining fertility window

Testing procedure

·        4 hours concentrated urine (first morning urine)

·        Collect urine in cup

·        Dip testing strip end of testing stick into urine for 15 seconds

·        Place cap over test strip and insert into monitor

·        Test runs for 5 minutes then you get your Low, High or Peak result

·        4 hours concentrated urine (first morning urine)

·        Collect urine in cup (collapsible silicone testing cup provided)

·        Dip testing wand into urine for 10-20 seconds

·        Place cap over testing area and insert into monitor

·        Test runs for 16-21 minutes, depending on which wand you are using

·        Quantified results are shown on monitor and in app


·        Can look at calendar or cycle summary on monitor, but need to chart on paper or in a separate app

·        Need to either take a picture or upload chart and email ahead of chart review follow ups

·        No need to chart separately since the test results automatically load on the app and the patient dashboard.

·        I can log on to your patient dashboard to review your chart with you. There’s no need to take a picture and send your chart.

·        As a provider, I can also choose to get notifications when you hit certain metrics in your cycle. For example, in the postpartum transition, I can ask the Mira dashboard to notify me when you get your first estrogen rise and your first LH surge.

·        You can invite your spouse to your chart data as well so he can have all the information you have, automatically, just by opening the Mira app

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