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Kate Thomas graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in December 2010. As practicing Catholics, Kate and her husband have always used a form of NFP. They have successfully achieved and avoided pregnancy monitoring a woman's natural signs on fertility. After the birth of their fourth child, they discovered the Marquette Method. 

The Marquette Method utilizes hormone monitoring technology using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. By measuring two hormone metabolites in urine, a woman can get an objective window into her fertility. The Marquette Method offers protocols for achieving and avoiding pregnancy across the spectrum of a woman's reproductive life time, including postpartum/breastfeeding and perimenopause.

Kate has a passion for teaching couples how to approach and monitor their fertility in a holistic way. 

Why "In Caritate?" In Caritate is Latin for "in love" or "living in love." It is in living in the love of Christ that we find eternal life. It is in living in love with our spouse that we become co-creators with God, who is Himself love. The mission at In Caritate is helping couples find that truth and live it out in their marriages.


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